Getting crowded on some runs- Some suggestions

With over 2000 people on some rides it is getting a bit crowded on my screen, I would like to suggest two alternatives to help the situation:

  1. Segregate the rides by server farm i.e. have a server farm for each of London, Watopia abd Richmond and have riders pick which they want on login. Those who want a less crowded venue can pick a ride with less riders, this one would also help the riders who dislike one ride for some reason.

  2. Have a set of filters in settings that let clients filter out some riders based on predefined criteria such as geographical location or members of a group etc …


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I like the suggestion to be able to choose a course to ride on.

Not overly keen on the one to filter out riders - after all, the social aspect is part of the draw of Zwift. But I can see it helping with framerates on lower specced PCs.