As popularity increases, perhaps an option to limit the visible crowd would be nice. Sometimes it’s a sea of riders.
As you earn access to different jerseys and can pick a jersey of your liking, maybe a good way to divide groups is based on selected jersey. Then a level 22 will ride with more experienced riders and newbies can have a few less people flying by us. Not all of us are racing or ultra competitive. For me … I win when I complete my own goals. I love having some other riders around but lately it is a bit much. Post chemo it’s tough to hit the mountains to avoid the crowds.

Hi @K_Siegrist_NC

A few short term suggestions.

Pick one of the other worlds, those are usually less crowded.
Ride on the less flat routes. Tempus fugit is very busy because it is flat.

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Again… I’m post chemo and new so mountain rides are not yet my thing. Please consider

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other suggestions:

  • flip a U-turn, lots less people on the reverse routes usually
  • create a meetup and invite at least one other person, choose the option to only show the meetup attendees on a world that is not on the rotation, if they don’t show up you will be all alone.
  • turn off your wireless once you start riding, everyone will go away, just remember to turn it back on and connect before saving and exiting.
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If you turn the trainer difficulty down it reduces the effect of the hill. You will still slow down going upwards but you won’t be having to stand up and grind your knees.

That may open up more of the world to you

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Sorry to hear your issues, best quiet roads currently will be In Watopia and if you check out Youtube for a vast selection of other jerseys to download it makes it easier to pick yourself out in the crowd. Also if you are using computer rather a tablet for zwift again use Youtube for how to ride with out others visible on zwift via backdoor function