Regarding World Choice

Pretty sure this topic has been brought up before, but I thought I would mention it here:

The maps are currently too crowded.
When there are too many people it becomes less social rather than more. When there are only a few people on the course everyone gets a ride-on. More than a few and as a rider you feel isolated and no-one gets a ride on.

Also, with crowded courses you tend to give up trying for jerseys as there’s no way you’ll get them. With less crowded courses there’s always that chance…and it keeps you pushing harder.

Small number of riders = camaraderie and sociability
Large number of riders = isolation and demotivation

Last time I rode on Zwift (and I must admit it’s been a couple of months because I’ve been so demoralized because of the huge numbers of riders) there were so many riders I felt uncomfortable. I felt lost in the crowd.

Anyway. I have deactivated my account because I’m just so tired of it - which is sad because I’ve been here since the very beginning. I don’t suppose one little account matters much when there are so many thousands out there, but this is just my 2c worth.


I feel the same way and have now just starting to edit the World tag so I can ride on course that are not on the calendar (and avoid that Innsbruck course). Zwift was a lot more fun in the early days even when you had to ride with the blue man group.


Can’t say I feel that way. I still give out Ride Ons even if there are thousands of people on the course. I do tend to give them out if I think the person is making some sort of particular effort - e.g. they’re riding the Alpe, or on a Buffalo bike, or something. But I give out random ones too.

As for isolation, I do understand that big numbers mean you’re more “just one of the crowd” rather than a smaller group in a shared experience.

Maybe world selection would go some way to fixing this, but I think it’s also just deferring or moving the problem. As Zwift grows, you might find every world is highly populated. Alternatively you might find you have to ride courses you don’t enjoy as much, just because they’re the least populated.

They could introduce instancing (e.g. 10 separate Watopias, each with no more than 400 riders on), but then you make it difficult to ride with friends/particular people etc.