Too many riders per km

I jumped on Zwift tonight (Austalian time) and there were over 5000 Zwifters. The roads of Watopia were packed. I find this overcrowding severely detracts from the pleasure of Zwifting.

There needs to be more roads. Watopia, London and Richmond all need to be open at the same time. There needs to be another world created. Something needs to be done to reduce the density. 

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Please quit complaining about how popular Zwift is.

We all like it.

The solution to the crowds is to download the Zwift preference hack and choose another world.

It is not hard and takes less time than submitting a post.

They are working on new roads and maybe worlds but it takes time and todays Zwift is much better than the “no zwift” sessions of 2 years ago.


This was not a complaint about how popular Zwift is. How do you get that from my post? I think it’s great how popular Zwift is.

Do we all like the high density of riders? I suspect many Zwifters are not happy with that.

Why should I have to hack Zwift to choose a different world? I don’t even think that can be done on the Apple TV app. As this is so easy to do with a hack in some circumstances, and users are doing it, what’s wrong with suggesting that Zwift should incorporate it as a feature?

I suspect if Zwift don’t address this, as soon as there is a viable competitor on the market there will be huge numbers of Zwifters who will desert the platform and become, say, VirtuGOers, once Bjarne Riis, Mick Rogers et al, get that particular software up and running. I’ve signed up for the beta testing.



 Yes, these posts are complaint’s. I agree we could use more maps.

 I bet $100 that there are 90-100% less people going the other direction. Do a U turn if you are not happy and you will be nearly alone.

Please don’t beta test, you don’t even know how to U turn. Zwift is funky enough.

@ Cary

I can do a u-turn, I have the badge to prove it. Sorry, I will decline your request not to beta test, despite how much I respect you and value your views.

Eddy has every right to ‘complain’ if s/he feels the service s/he pays for could be improved.

I wouldn’t even regard it as complaining so much as providing feedback, which any company should be grateful for and find very useful. 

I really enjoy Zwift but I’m not blind to its faults. It could be improved upon in many simple ways. Some of these - world choosing being the most obvious - appear to be simple fixes which people have been requesting for quite some time. 

Playing Zwift, finding and then pointing out such ‘areas for improvement’ is doing the Zwift bigwigs a service. Our customer feedback should be highly important to them. 

Zwift’s great but it’s not some untouchable Holy Cow. It’s a product provided by a business we pay money to, just like your phone, electric, water etc. It merely happens to be more fun than most of those.

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Yes - being able to choose worlds would be a HUGE improvement.

If you want less riders - you don’t have to wait for virtugo…there’s bkool. 

There were over 6000 on Zwift last night in London.  The course is grossly overcrowded…  What about an options to just ride with friends and the old ghost riders or limit the riders you see. E.g riders in workout mode and in races or events are invisible. These are simple “IF and OR”  statements in your software database.

Anyway thanks for keeping me fit and safe throughout the long Winter.

Great Product otherwise.

@ Edward Lim

Thanks for pointing out bkool. I will look into that.

Update… I had a look at bkool. I can see why there are not may riders there.

I tried Bkool too. It’s ambitious (claiming it can do courses from anywhere) but, certainly when I tried it, it didn’t work perfectly. 

It was kinda basic aesthetically, I found the menus/setup slightly confusing and there were points where the road would go up like a wall and my avatar would disappear through it. 

That written, it has been over a year since I gave it a go. Maybe they have improved upon it considerably since. 

I used bkool and Zwift side by side for a bit. Bkool is so flakey and now they are charging it was not worth the money. Zwift has a long way to go but you can see the constant improvements. I like if a, staying with it.  But… it does need more routes and a better spread of riders. The big training groups really need to be in their own times zones so we can’t see them.