Maps large number of users

The only Map that can handle a large amount of users is watopia. Innsbruck, London and probably NYC is just gonna be a pain that really pisses me off. When is World Selection finally gonna be introduced. It’s so annoying.

I don’t know much about this type of stuff but I imagine it’s a server problem. Zwift might not have the hardware to be running multiple worlds with thousands of people riding all at once.

If Zwift is wishing to attract new users , who are paying money, then it needs to up its hardware to cope with demand.

I agree, who knows they might have the hardware but are in the process of programming everything to work. We can already go to different worlds with a simple hack.

I’d think the hardware was capable. 4000 souls in Central Park this evening with no lag, including all those pedestrians wandering around. But the physical (virtual?) space in the park isn’t really big enough for all those riders. Definitely over time for world switching, particularly as I’m using Apple TV and can’t switch worlds using the available hacks.

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Same here. 4000 in NY this morning. I’m on Apple TV too so hack won’t work.

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Going to be fun after the new year when there are over 10,000 user on Zwift at one time.

World choice needs to happen fast and I think we will be getting an update on it soon.