Zwift app unusuable with large number of concurrent users

I have been using Zwift for about 4 months now on a MacBook Pro. Up until last weekend I have only ever had very minor issues. Things I could resolve myself. But this weekend with zwift registering 10,000+ concurrent users the zwift platform wasn’t able to cope. It was not usable with that number of concurrent users. Slow, unresponsive and the companion app had a complete meltdown. My session was not saved correctly at all in the end and I had to force kill the app to shutdown my mac book. What are zwift going to do with that number of concurrent users to improve performance? Given the numbers using zwift, this is more likely to happen again and again in the future. Surely it makes alot of sense to move users into separate worlds when the number concurrent users reaches a certain number or do it automatically. For example, put users on individual workouts or rides into one world, users on events into another world and users on group workouts into another world. That way the system graphically can cope with the large number of concurrent users. When I’m doing an individual workout, I have no interest in seeing huge groups flying pass me. Anybody else had similar experiences these last couple of weekends?

If you are just going to do a workout or ride on your own I would suggest using the World Tag Hack to ride in a world that is not on the schedule or being used for TDZ:

Another thing that could help is dropping your graphics setting within the Zwift Menu>Settings and also setting it to Windowed Mode.

Thanks Paul. That a good hack. I hadn’t thought of doing that.

Yeah, the TDZ rides have been mostly a slideshow for me, and that is with the graphics turned down to Low. Eventually, once riders have spread out enough it speeds up, at least.
While I know my PC needs an upgrade (GPU is fine, rest is ooooold), it is good enough to be quite smooth on high settings during less busy times.

At least for group rides, I think Zwift should consider that groups might have to be split into sub groups, of no more than say 1000 each (or up to event organisers). First come first served, if one subgroup is full riders are automatically assigned into the next. Then your PC/Mac/tablet only has to handle displaying that many riders, and not the over 5800 that were to start one of the events last night.

For the rest of the TDZ, I’m going to try and join the events at odd times - the one starting in about 30 minutes only has just over 800 riders so far, for example, compared to over 1800 already for the one starting in 4h30.

therefore I developed a pre launcher for Zwift (only for windows) to select the world I like to ride. I have the same problem with performance, so I do my workouts not in the current world.