Frozen again. too many for servers to handle?

I was halfway through a training session tonight and software started juddering… seems unable to handle the amount of riders on at same time (well over 12000). I am running on MS surface pro, so no problem with my hardware. My broadband speed is over 43mb/sec tonight. I’m not happy at having to stop during a HIT session. I am paying for a premium service with Zwift and I expect no issues like this. I had to soft boot to exit the software as it had gone totally unresponsive.

If you are just doing a training session I would suggest using the World hack to ride a course not on the schedule or being used for TDZ.

What is the graphics card in the Surface?

what surface pro are you using, I know they don’t have dedicated graphics cards so that may be your issue.

Have seen a lot on strange things going on in the last few weeks,riders doing circels out on the water,my own avatar turning left,right,left,wattage drop out etc,we can only hope that worldswapping is coming soon😁

@Tomas_S: did you try to lower your graphics settings? Try zwiftalizer to analyze your log file to see what your fps (frame per second) is when these thing happen.

What graphics card do you have in your computer?

Geforce gtx1050,i5,windows 10,zwift have been running great in the past,no issues,will try to lower graphics settings,but it looks so nice on 43" 4k tv!

That is a pretty sweet graphics card, see what show for graphic and internet performance.

Are you running Zwift full screen or Windowed mode?
What do you have the Zwift graphics setting set to?

With that many people and that card you may be pushing it by using 1080 or above.

Full screen,ultra hd! I will try a lower setting,usually runs great but to many on the road these days,as you said,will also look at zwiftalizer,thanks.

Since switching to Windowed mode I have far fewer if any graphics issues.

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I had the same issue just now, came specifically here to log this. I don’t use a very powerful computer (BeeLine mini), but as soon as I hit the section of the route where the big ride was my phone lost connection and the screen went all jittery, bikes without riders, would not react to keyboard etc.
I think Zwift should either limit the number of riders per group, or have users be able to ‘opt out’ of seeing those groups…

I am also running zwift in windowed mode now and graphics in 1080,have not had any problem after that,thanks Paul!

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