Stuttering of virtual rider.

I have noticed in the last few weeks that my virtual rider has been stuttering for a split second a few hundred ms perhaps.  Each time it does it seems that I loose a little ground to a nearby rider even if I am putting more watts.  

Now as I have been riding zwift for months with a I7 laptop with 32 gig memory with a strong wifi AC signal and haven’t noticed this until recently I have attributed it to load on the servers.  Now my laptop doesn’t have a dedicated GPU so perhaps recent changes have been a strain.  I turned down the graphics from high to mid and it didn’t really help.  It did help the artifacts that I was getting at least but not the stuttering.

I did notice that there were 130+ riders on at the time.  When the rider count got down to 110 it seemed better, but could be my imagination.

Is this due to server load or is my laptop graphics not up to snuff?


I checked your stats in our database, and it looks like it’s not your FPS, so not your graphics chipset. What I did see is that it looks like you have multiple simultaneous login sessions going.

If you try to log in in with the same account from multiple computers, it can cause that stuttering. Log out of your Zwift account on all your computers, log back in on just your active computer, and it should fix the issue. If you keep seeing it, it’ll help us to investigate further if you can capture video (you could use a free program like FRAPS to show the FPS at the same time, too).