jumpy graphics

(Gary Davies (Team Type 1)) #1

I am experiencing jumpy graphics only for the last  2 weeks or so

I have been using Zwift for quite a while

I have a desktop Lenovo which is new with an Nvidia GTX 980 card

I have updated drivers etc

Speed test on Virgin media is 160mb

But the video jerks every couple of seconds


It’s very annoying

(Steve Clogg (LEAD)) #2

I’ve noticed the same thing, a micro stutter even when locked at 60fps with vsync on. Seen the effect on a 760 GTX and on a 970 GTX system. I cant remember seeing the issue a few weeks ago, so one of the recent updates could be the cause.

(Olivier Mouyau (Flux)) #3

Hi guys,

Same for me gt730. It started on the 21st december with the new update.

I have posted here about it. Eric Minn himself responded. We think it is related to the update, I did not have that problem before.


(GARNIER Stephane) #4

Yes, I noticed the same thing since last update.

This is the case when riders are very closed.

(Gary Davies (Team Type 1)) #5

Nice to know it’s not just me then

(Gary Davies (Team Type 1)) #6

Well today it seems 10x worse, quite unuseable infact :frowning:

(Billy Cravens) #7

Got the same problem. Rode with the internet connection disabled tonight and no stuttering.  No other riders on the course but if you choose workout mode then at least you get the full graphic performance until they get this one fixed.  There must be something in the software doing online checking/updates that’s causing the stuttering on the screen…

(Gary Davies (Team Type 1)) #8

You can ride with no internet?

(Olivier Mouyau (Flux)) #9

You need it to log in at the beginning, and then to upload the ride at the end to Zwift and Strava.

but you can disconnect it while you ride.

You will be alone.

(Gary Davies (Team Type 1)) #10


I will give it a go

Although shouldn’t really need to do this when paying for a service…



(Gary Davies (Team Type 1)) #11

Went for a spin with internet disconnected and it was super smooth

(Dave Hodges RHR) #12

Any fixes for this yet? Not getting a fix is one thing but no reply is another…

(Gary Davies (Team Type 1)) #13

Iv’e not heard anything?

(Olivier Mouyau (Flux)) #14

Ok so they just made an update. Including the new course on Watopia but apparently also graphic stability improvement.

anybody noticed a change ?




Billy Cravens Today at 10:32

(Dave Hodges RHR) #15

Initially seems much better

(Billy Cravens) #16

Did 20 miles earlier. First 12 miles or so it was fine. The stuttering then started again and continued to end of the ride - not as bad as before but noticeable. 

(Gary Davies (Team Type 1)) #17

I did 30 minutes and it was very smooth

(Olivier Mouyau (Flux)) #18

Did 50min and it is definitely better !!!

(Billy Cravens) #19

90 minutes this afternoon and all good!