Stuttering graphics

Hello Zwift,  I joined zwift in December and all was going well until the last week of January.  Since then, the app regularly stutters and the graphics fail - very frustrating if you are in the zone and putting in some effort!  The trouble is that nothing has changed at my end - same computer (MacBook Air), same connection (hotspot from my phone), and same turbo trainer (Wahoo Kickr snap). Any thoughts?

I’ve been on quite a view of the forums and I can see quite a lot of correspondence about computer specifications and set-up. The trouble is, and possibly like many of your subscribers, I’m cyclist who wants to find a simple and fun way to train, rather than a gamer/tech expert who wants to try their hand at cycling! Please can I encourage you to keep the set-up as simple as possible.

Does this pertain to your setup:

Yup, that looks familiar - thank you for providing the link. I’m just not sure I can justify the upgrade solely on my use of zwift!

Happening to me as well.  My macbook air is still fine, but older macbook that was working fine now lags behind.  Haven’t had a chance to confirm my video card on the older mac book, suspecting it is prob the hd3000 that Zwift say is too old.  I love riding zwift… Think it’s a great program…  IMO they should lay off making the graphics any better.  They are already sufficient to make the experience great.  Making the environment prettier doesn’t improve the experience.  If they keep updating their graphics it will slowly keep pushing people out…Or at least make us consider if it is worth paying still when I can move back  over to trainer road, and yes the experience isn’t the same but I don’t have to keep updating my hardware to keep up.

Apparently it’s a pretty significant problem/issue for those of us with MacBooks- My computer works perfectly fine so there is no way I’m going to drop $$ on a new one just to run a gaming program- smh