Crispness of Graphics?

Logged on briefly this morning after seeing the note about the updates. I didn’t ride yet and perhaps this is just my imagination, but it seems that the graphics are not quite as crisp as they were…like the lens is just slightly out of focus? The menus and displays looked fine…my rider, his jersey, the road, the signs and scenery just did not look as sharp…just slightly.

I have a longish ride planned for later today so I’ll check it out in more detail then.

I did bump your graphics card a bit down on the list due to the lower frames-per-second it had compared to others, so it lost some fidelity in trade for smoothness. From the data I received back I think your 6770 will get bumped back up into the “medium” quality bracket next update. If you really want crisp you should see the “Ultra” graphics quality!

Thanks for confirming. I am a professional photographer so I guess maybe I am a bit more sensitive to changes in resolution. Now you’re making me want to run out and buy a new computer to Zwift with! I want the max experience! :slight_smile:

Actually one of my kids is a computer science major and a gamer. He has a laptop with a pretty serious graphics card. I’ll have to try Zwift on his computer when he is home for Thanksgiving.

I’m Zwifting on the last 17" MacBook Pro Apple made, running Bootcamp. It works great as far as stability goes, but the graphics card is a bit lacking for gaming.