All riders jerky including me

Riding just now on the screen all the bikes are really jerky and not smooth like normally. Tried riding without wifi so the was no one except me and the movement was smooth. Could it be the large number of rider causing it? AppleTV 4K Zwift and Apple TV up to date.

Yeh I noticed it to after zwift update & was wondering the same updating my ATV now to see if that solves the issue

@Lindsay_Cripps sounds like a low frame rate (FPS). This can happen when the graphics processor is overwhelmed due to amount of rendering needed.

There is no easy way to get a copy of your log file from the AppleTV to confirm though. You’d have to reach out to zwift to get it I believe.

I’ve noticed a few times in the past week of small spans of lower frame rates (jumpy avatars) and when running my log file through I noticed the FPS dropped from 60 to mid 30s during those times.

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I lead a 500 group ride this morning and also had a lot of people mentioning jerky graphics.

Even on my PC I did notice a few jerky times. FPS dropped from 60FPS riding alone to 26FPS in the group.

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Same problem with iPad app. I also tried with Android app and it was even worse

Exactly the same for me today on Apple TV when riding Watopia.Rode on NY and everything was as smooth as normal.

Watopia was impossible with the constant stuttering this afternoon. Good thing I forgot to charge my SRAM Red batteries because having to watch that for 50 miles was not sustainable.

Same problem for me on Windows. No problem before the update, but this morning after the update there was constant stuttering (every 5 seconds or so) throughout a 2 1/2 ride. After a while it became so annoying that I rode with my eyes closed for long stretches.

This is NOT related to a large number of riders because I’ve ridden many times before with more concurrent users than there were today and have never experienced this issue.

Interesting to see I’m not alone with this. This was on Watopia. The ride was in the evening and as it got later it improved and went away. Wondering if the Internet was slow due to people using. Due for a free speed update so I may try that. Or maybe a Zwift issue.

Same here. Using Apple TV and ZCA. Thought it was b/c I have been struggling to pair a Wahoo Tickr and a cadence meter.

I don’t think it’s due to the update since I also noticed it with my iPad and the iPad app has not yet been updated since my previous rides. (iPad doesn’t have two guest worlds yet.) I ride at similar times every time (evening) and it’s not due to my Internet since I have very fast corporate Internet.

I think it’s a Zwift thing and not any updates or internet issues as every other map London,Richmond,NY etc runs perfectly fine.I’ve noticed it since we’ve had the increased numbers using Zwift.I don’t think Watopia can cope with this many people riding on it.

So… is Zwift doing anything to improve besides adding another guest world option?

Seems ok tonight but there are far less people on right now.

Started on Watopia again this afternoon but while it was better than yesterday the frame rate dropping was still quite noticeable. Enough so that I jumped to Richmond and no problems.

Hi, I’ve recently noticed serious lag and frames per second is probably about 2 now, I’m using Zwift on a mid 2014 Macbook Pro with Intel Iris Pro 1536mb graphics and 16gb ram. Has there been a recent update to zwift that my machine is now struggling with?

The program start up and launch into watopia from menu screen is very slow as well, is this normal?

UPDATE: just been back to check and everything is smooth as butter, was it caused by high demand on the servers around lunchtime GMT? No lag at all and all menu screens loaded much faster and smoother

All good here now. Zwift issue.