Group ride limit

(A Jab ) #1

I have experienced this a few times and have seen messages of others having a similar problem. When completing a large group ride eg tour de zwift there are 2500+ riders. Zwift is unable to cope with such a large group and dropouts/crashes etc are common, if the rides are limited to a smaller number of participants this could help rides run more smoothly and be less frustrating…

(Daren) #2

What, so first come first served? Sounds rubbish.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #3

Most of those dropouts are due to the computer Graphics not being able to cope with the high demand.

Another thing is people waiting till the last minute to log in and join the pen.

(Nigel ) #4

Ditto what Gerrie says. What I usually do for these large events with lots of riders is drop my graphics settings from Ultra to High as it can’t cope with so many riders.

(Greg Smith) #5

I share the frustration. But there are some things they could do to help alleviate it. Like have all events spread out better on different worlds on a given day, and have all events for the day not take place on the default world for that calendar. Zwift’s early intention of everyone riding together in a community is working against it at todays volume of users. With 500 riders a day, that was great idea. But who wants to ride on a 10 mile course with over 1000 riders? It needs to be fixed quickly though because there are a lot of new riders on Zwift getting frustrated quickly as the plaform is not very stable these days.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #6

@Greg_Smith_STL: Are you sure it is Zwift and not your setup? Having that many riders at once will put some strain on your system, I like @Nigel_Doyle’s suggestion to change graphic settings for big rides.

Use to see what your average frame rate is for these big rides, if it is under 20 you need to change your setting.

(Greg Smith) #7

I have a high-end gaming PC I built for Zwift so even on a huge ride with over 1000 riders I typically average over 60 FPS even in Ultra. I am more talking about issues like on Stage 2 in Tour De Zwift where a bunch of us got misrouted and were put on a route that never got to the finish line, and some of the outages, and in general just crowdedness. If a group ride is on a 10 mile route, and you get over 1000 riders, that is over 100 riders per mile. Seems crowded to me. I would prefer if there was a stage of something like Tour De Zwift on a 10 mile course that they offer it every hour to spread out the usage.

(Duffy Ferreira) #8

Hi, I won’t rule out potential networking or WiFi issues on my side.

However both yesterday on Stage 2 at 2pm and subsequent attempts and again earlier today the same issue occurred, i.e. the app is recording my heart rate and cadence but nothing else. My image is static while the rest of the cyclists move past me. I took screenshots. This has never happened before in over 12 months of usage. Pretty frustrating to say the least.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #9

that look weird to me, do you want to post a screenshot of your paring screen while pedaling, does it show you produce power in the paring screen?

(Duffy Ferreira) #10

Thanks. I’ll be back on it tomorrow and take the screenshot.