Game visuals in a reasonably busy event

The “100 rider limit” for visuals is pretty annoying when you are trying to race; often guess work whether someone (or group) have crept off the front but even with that visual limit this sort of graphical effect is really bad.

Not even really big numbers; I think maybe 200 racers…… it was fine after the groups thinned out but I can only imagine what the Zwift games will look like if things stay like this?!

Not just my end; I confirmed other racers were seeing the same sort of thing.

I agree it’s annoying but your CPU appears to be having trouble keeping up with the size of that pack, with racers not riding straight, going off the road, stuttering, etc. If they drew more riders it would be even worse, so fixing this would require finding performance gains from somewhere or increasing the system requirements - it’s not like they can just turn the dial from 100 to 200 without consequences. Frame rates would tank.

13700K CPU really shouldn’t be struggling; even with a few other things going on as well as the game.

Like I said it wasn’t just me in this event seeing the same thing either; not sure if the others were on different devices?!

Either way it needs to improve somehow for events like the Zwift games to be successful to race in and/or watch!!

It shouldn’t be struggling but it sure looked like it was. It would be interesting to see what the lowest frame rates were like during that event (ie, ship a log to Imagine what the cheap tablet user’s experience would be in that situation.

Yes CPU (Even one way over the top for Zwift) struggles in Watopia a little (Since the new road and associated graphical changes) and frame rate dips more than it should because of that perhaps……. BUT I don’t believe that causes the awful rider positions and impromptu diagonal gravel riding!! :crazy_face:

I’m not convinced that’s true. OK, maybe for some of the lower end devices, but I’ve seen games with many hundreds of entities on screen at once. ESO had 500+ players in an area at once as I recall. I expect drawing can be optimised to show more people at once, with better culling, triangle reduction in objects further away etc., especially as there aren’t any projectiles, spell effects or the like to bother with, and the animations are limited to pedalling, standing up and sitting down, pretty much.

Yes, you could argue it’s a competitive advantage for those on better computers, but that’s a different matter.

Yeah those frame rates are actually pretty good. Better than I expected based on the visuals.

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You’re talking about other games. Totally reasonable expectation but you know Zwift…

Maybe there should be a slider in settings that people can use to ramp it up, or automatically select something appropriate based on the CPU performance.

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