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Into the “can’t save haute route” category, but this was not my problem.

My problem was the update rate, only 1 frame per 10 seconds. After 8’ of riding I had 3’ on my clock and was at the back of the field, despite riding with 280 Watts.

I never had a similar problem during training yet.

You were not the only person with exactly the same problem either! I hope that this issue also is fixed with the changes they have made to the challenge.

That usually indicate hardware limitation, What do you use for Zwift.

With so many riders on screen the device have to render many moving objects.

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Well, I run a regular laptop. And it works fine when training. So this is not a limitation on my hardware, but a problem with Zwift overwhelming regular hardware. If the subscription said “only high end gaming PCs recommended”, or even “High end gaming PCs necessary for racing”, that would be fair.

So basically I can - and will - use zwift for training, but cant race, unless I want to buy a gaming pc.

This is really a problem zwift should fix, why not offer a racing format, where we get less visuals - like only 100 other racers or smaller race formats? I cant be the only cyclist who does not own a gaming machine.

That group ride is abnormally big.

But Zwift already only display about 100 riders on the screen. But I think the issue the program has a hard time deciding which riders to draw because they are so close together. And they move around all the time.