New rider

tried out the free trial last night, what a major disappointment! Could not get the info I usually get on my turbo, eg how far to go, ave speed etc. Tried to go back a screen to reset the bike details, or to a different route, but couldn’t. Had to go right out and log back in. Graphics are terrible, like from 10years ago. Overall a total disappointment, and a waste of a good session. Won’t be back!


Ok, but just remember that speed and distance are irrelevant on an indoor trainer (and in real life rides also and average anything is not very useful either) power over times is what is important.

Graphics would depend on your graphics card, the settings you choose and the monitors/TV you use.

Hopefully Zwift fixes the issue with selecting a different route, but you can use a mouse or the Zwift Mobile Link to choose turns.

If you’re going to offer a free trial, make it so that you capture the potential customer, not leave him frustrated. Looks like there is better things on the site, but can not access them on the free trial. Your website is not, I repeat NOT user friendly!

There are no restrictions for the free trial except ride time/distance within the Zwift app.

I don’t work for Zwift, but I have helped out a lot of new users in getting started on Zwift.

There are changes coming to the Zwift site in the future.

First of all Paul keep up the good work, you must have helped many people and you are doing this voluntarily with no link to Zwift.

Just a second opinion on this one Paul is correct it does depend on what hardware you are using to access Zwift. You can also change the quality of the graphics in settings for PC/Mac (not sure about I devices). Zwift does also support up to 4K. Have a look on youtube etc to see what can be achieved. 

Exactly correct you can access everything on the free trial from workouts, group workouts, racing and just general riding. Agree the functionality of the user interface could be improved.

I’ve been a member of Zwift for just over a year and in that time there has been some massive changes. From what I have heard there are some plans to further expand the app in different ways so I think it is still growing and is actively being developed.

Then again it may not be for you. There are other alternatives you could try.