beta test first impressions, GUI, information during rides, and general feedback

(Brian Carter KISS) #1

i have used Zwift 3 times since joining the Beta program so I don’t have a lot of experience using the program. I have been using the Kickr with Kinomap, bool, and a couple others, and I will say that the graphics are beautifully done and superior to the offerings by the others. I would say that there are some things in their front end that help acquaint a user to how things work moreso that I have seen thus far. I also had a TACX Trainer for the past 5 years and have a lot of experience with it.

My main questions related to above as follows. Are there any interactions that can be made with the mouse and/or keyboard? I have pushed a lot of buttons and have not seen anything or any way to get more info about a power up or perhaps pull up a current leaderboard. The only way to access anything seems to be to stop pedaling. If there a intro or help section in the program? Are their any videos or other tutorials introducing the user to how things work and what everything on the HUD represents.does? Why can’t a user have an all white or black bike? Will users be able to change hair color?

Riding is great. I definitely think i would find ways to classify riders somehow as I could see people getting discouraged always losing every sprint, climb, or lap to the same guy. In one session, I was that guy, and in one, I was not even close. That would allow people to have goals to move up classes and also group like riders together. Even with power to weight a 60 year old rider may never be able to compete with a well trained young rider. It would be fun to allow challenges of distance or time between people not riding at the same time or perhaps race a ghost of ones last rides.

Similar to the discussion above is that there seems to be some ways to game the system if not using a power meter, so I would separate those groups in some way to keep things fair. A guy could remove all tension and fly at full speed from a non power meter driven unit.

It also seems that some sort of progress report would be interesting. A trophy case for achievements like in video games, perhaps challenges for a given period like climbing, distance, time etc to unlock new levels, worlds, or more.

All in all it is a great experience! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.

(anon18154799) #2

Brian, I have been on the island now since November, and many of those points have been brought up. From what I understand, the plan is to have the capability to establish and rooms with parameters. I don’t know if that means FTP weighting or what exactly, but I am guessing that you could configure the room any way you want.

I wholeheartedly agree with you on the virtual power issue. Last night, I saw some people flying around averaging over 6 w/kg and climbing th Col d’Zwift in 40+ seconds. None of those people were on confirmed power sources.


(Onno Pierik) #3

Good point.

About different classes. I think they should do that when the userbase is large enough. I like it a lot at Jarvis with 60 online players, it’s not too much.

(Brian Carter KISS) #4

It will be tough to really equalize the game as people would have to be honest in their weight. You see a lot of people on kinomap especially do this, and I did by accident not realizing that weight was a parameter. It made sense after the fact but not at the time.

It would also be fun to simulate a cool international race or just have race nights. Having 20 people in a bKool session is really fun as you get to chase people who may be just slightly better or worse. The same is true on the island but the continuous loop means you could end up really far from the best match. It would be cool if it started you close to the next batch match based on FTP or some other curve parameter.