My thoughts on the beta

Some thoughts after 2 rides… little over 3hrs in the beta now.

Notes on my setup…
Desktop PC with dual monitor setup… nvidia GTX550ti graphics cards…
This was my old gaming machine before I built my new computer so it handles most stuff well enough.
Bike is hooked up to a Wahoo kickr and the ANT+ stick is on an extension cable to get it closer.

I like to watch amazon instant video, dvd’s, and other media on one screen. Typically my second smaller screen will run trainer road. While running zwift I have amazon video on bigger screen and the app on my smaller monitor.

On to my thoughts…

Sound/music: We need the option to mute, and adjust volume of sound effects and music. The sound effects aren’t bad when played over a movie or something but the music like on deliverance hill gets annoying after a while.

UI elements: Make the UI elements moveable and scalable. The course profile is nearly impossible to see on a smaller screen. Also the text for KOMS and sprint leaders is hard to read unless I put the app on my larger screen.

IOS app: it works! I didn’t have to do much to get it working. However there is a lot of lag between the input and the action happening.

KOMs/Sprints: the distance markers work well in the KOMs and sprints but I would be nice to have a better indicator for when the competitions start. Maybe similar to the CLOSE THE GAP indicator? KOM starting in 100 meters… 50… 20… 10… etc. Obviously as we ride the course we’ll learn where they start but sometimes you aren’t paying attention.

Close button: I finished my ride last night and hit the close button on accident. It simply closed the ride. Maybe have a second prompt for “are you sure?”
The second prompt will help those accidental closures. Similar to a save and exit prompt.

Overall I’m pretty impressed. I look forward to more courses and more options. I’m sure licensing will be an issue but I’d love to be able to dress up and equip my virtual bike with the same stuff I ride in real life.

On that note it would be AMAZING for users to be able to customize their kit. maybe setup a template for the rider skin and give us the option to import our real like kits? I’m sure people would enjoy representing their teams.

Anyhow… good luck devs! You’re off to a great start. Really looking forward to this app… Anything to slow my brain from melting out my ears because of trainer boredom.

Something else I forgot to mention. We need to be able to calibrate our kickr’s. Can you add a spindown option? Maybe a prompt for spindown after 10 minutes even?

Good feedback. I agree that the UI has pieces that are tough to see (and I’m running it on a big screen) but I’d caution against allowing it to be fully customizeable. I think it would be better to just have a few options like locating each of 4 major elements in any of 4 different grid locations and allowing small, medium, or large for each. I think allowing full flexibility can be intimidating and make it feel more like a computer and less like a video game. Quick limited clicks are great. Especially when you are adjusting while on the bike!