Beta Feedback 30.dec.2014

(Rob Gayle) #1

First of all thanks for the invite - the Beta has been surprisingly stable.

I’ll skip all the obvious missing feature stuff that I’m sure you have in the works (leaderboard, config screen etc)

I’ve used TrainerRoad and BKool a lot so any/all comparisons will be made against these two.

General Observations…

  • Initial auto selected graphic settings didn’t do justice - tweaked the settings up to match ‘ultra’ (more or less) - runs fine on my i5 + gtx760 bike sim computer - looks great

Downhill simulation with the Kicker is great! May not be uber realistic but given that the Kicker can only apply resistance it’s great to be able to coast downhill while recovering. This is a major improvement vs other sims and creates a better suspension of disbelief.

Very well done on the sprints - addictive.

the position of fellow riders is erratic at times (bad when racing) - suddenly a few meters ahead then right alongside, then a little behind (looks like latency or rounding errors)

The shadow of my bike is visible but it’s riderless

The 100m sign on the right before the polka-dot gate appears to float in the air as do some of the riders from time to time.

A few nights ago the AI riders seemed to ride off the road (straight ahead at corners) and sometimes disappear briefly

Drafting seems to have improved over the last week.

Absolutely love the wildlife

While the slider can be used to change the color of the Bike trim it is not possible to make it black (tried to make a black and white bike - couldn’t do it)

Would be great to vary time-zone / set time of day - nighttime looks great but it’s winter here in Canada and I need my Vitamin D - more daylight hours please :).

Would love to try the iOS app.

Truly enjoy riding on the Island - your platform is immersive, challenging and FUN - looking forward to what comes next.


  • Rob

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Rob,

Some great feedback here! Let’s see if I can answer some of these questions…

Rider position - is this the AI or other human riders? Or both?

Shadow - Yeah, in first-person mode, there is no human shadow on the ground. Yet.

Floating images - We’ll be locking those down over time!

AI riders going off the road - this happens if Zwift suddenly loses connection to the server (and, hence, the AI). It can reconnect and you’ll be fine but if there’s not communication then the AI’s will just continue in a straight line (though your own ride is unaffected).

Time of day - Since each segment of time only lasts roughly an hour, a long ride will see the day and night cycle. We realize more people (myself included) want a longer day cycle so we’re looking into it.

Thanks again, Rob!

(Rob Gayle) #3

Hi Eric,

Re: “Rider position - is this the AI or other human riders? Or both?”

I’ve experienced this twice while sprinting vs another human rider. Haven’t noticed this with the AIs.