Feedback on 1/15 Beta

Before I hit the shower here’s my brain dump on things I noticed in today’s release and random thoughts:

  1. Virtual Power is really erratic now. Values jumping all over the place when holding a steady pace. Power seemed a bit on the low-side as well. Maybe add a ‘spin-down’ calibration to adjust for setup differences? The issues with the virtual power were definitely the low-point of this release.

  2. Bot riders hand’s jumping off (to the outside) of their drops when descending.

  3. Was riding with a rider and he kept jumping around, one moment he’d be 3m behind me, the next 30m ahead of me, then 5 meters behind me, I’d see him start passing, then he’d be 15m behind me, then at the end he was suddenly 50m ahead of me… you get the idea. Didn’t see this with the bots.

  4. Bots descending the hill in the opposite direction to me were about 1m off the ground, like they were riding land-speeders from Star Wars or something.

  5. Didn’t have the dreaded “tire slip detected” issue today. Not sure if that was just coincidence or not. Had it a lot the other day anytime I’d sprint (and my tire was not slipping BTW, confirmed by my wife who was watching)

  6. Saw the power-up icon appear on screen, but didn’t have any idea how to activate, so I never tried it. (I see now after reading the forums that I have to hit space-bar, which doesn’t work when your computer is several feet away). Agree with others though that they need to be optional, or only available in some ‘arcade’ mode or something. There’s a place for both “realistic” virtual riding and “fun” virtual riding. To extend what some others were saying (as an “arcade” mode), get real with the light-sabers thing and replace the bicycles with the speeders from the Endor forest.

  7. Missed having the sprint at the end of the lap. Full lap time was good to see, but would be nice to have both going at once

  8. Missed seeing the scrolling backgrounds when in a timed segment. I guess polka dots just get me excited. :slight_smile:

  9. Would be nice to see your previous lap-times (from that session, and maybe all-time) when you finish a lap (or any segment) since I care more about how I compare to myself than bots or others really.

Riders need to lean into corners. Seemed like maybe they did just a tad in today’s release, but not nearly enough.

I see a lot of deer when I ride here where I live, but I’ve never seen one stand in one place eating like that for days… usually they run away when I get too close.

Where’s “that dog” that always seems to jump you and chase you on real rides? Just not realistic without it… :wink:

Would be cool to be able to attach a sensor to my Kinetic swivel riser-block so I could turn my avatar myself. For those with smart phones, maybe leverage the accelerometers to detect turning.

  1. Time on long segments should show in mm:ss rather than just seconds. Seeing hundreds of seconds for lap times isn’t user-friendly.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the awesome feedback!

Regarding the erratic zPower - the speed sensor is sending data with every revolution of your wheel. There’s definitely some calculations there to make sure it’s not showing you every exact spike but since we’re pulling the raw data from the sensor, you’ll always be seeing some variation there.

Power meters and smart trainers tend to smooth it out more.