London way too crowded

Yesterdays ride in London was way too crowded!

Over 6000 riders! Most of the rider avatars didn’t even show jersey or bike textures. Riderboard did not show names, just a few numbers.

The Zwift guys have to do something!


Do a U Turn. You’ll be OK.

I did! And it wasn’t okay.

A little bit less “moving through the packs”, but still crowded an still bad game experience with missing textures. 

I road yesterday and I did not see the same issues as you. All the textures looked correct, the jerseys seems normal and the rider board showed all the names. I would guess some of the issue you were seeing were caused by something on your end. Either your computer/video card is on the low end of the spectrum or your internet was slow.

Yes, there are too many people and I’m sure Zwift is going to release a solution soon.

Going by some of their responses on these forums, the Zwift boffins have said they’ll open up the ‘worlds’ once they feel it is suitably propagated. 

From what people are writing, it sounds like that may be just over the horizon.

If they do give everyone the choice of worlds surely that’s a good solution for overcrowding.

I think generally it would be nice to be able to ride whatever map one wishes when one wishes. It’s kind of frustrating being stuck on a map I don’t particularly want to use when I’m paying a subscription for the pleasure.

I enjoy the private group rides.  Not sure how they do it.  When in some groups, you only see the group riders.  Could still be 300 plus people, but not the 6k.  Like last night.  Defiantly would be preferable to be able to see how many people are on each of the 3 maps, then be able to select a map you want to ride in.  For instance.  Friend on Watopia, another friend on London.  Hmm, I will go with Watopia because it looks less crowded.  Not much competition for Zwift right now, but in a few years.  There will be.

I felt the same today. Very crowded in the evening European time and I also don’t get it why there is no feature that allows to decide in which map to ride in. With the recent price increase they should spend the monies to improve the maps and also allow selection of the maps. I am also a CycleOps Phantom 5 user and have the issue that I only can ride in ERG mode since Zwift is not willing to fully integrate the bike. I just tested Zwift this week and need to say it is fun but Rouvy Virtual training is also a very good option and at least provides full integration and shifting for my CycleOps (and I can ride in a “real” world). So if Zwift stays as is and also does not care about fully integrating the CycleOps Phantom 5 I will switch back to Rouvy (that safes me also $6 per month in comparison to the Zwift subscription price :-)).


I read about a way to switch your worlds the other day.




I haven’t tried it, but I believe this would allow you to ride a more or less empty course.