Group Ride Support

I’ve been a Group Ride leader for a long time. I’ve also used the fence that removes riders, for 3 months.
1- most group rides are advertised by a Average w/kg range. Please help us by showing us the average w/kg as an indication for the leader. All we have now is the real time W/kg and if he press menu, the avg power. Of course it’s possible to divide the hidden avg power by our zwift weight but that’s a giant pain when leading. Making it available as a real time metric on the game or ZC would definitely help us leaders.
2- The fence is punitive and does little to promote a Leader Blob. It’s a stick. I suggest a carrot that rewards riders riding with the leader. It’s as easy as replicating the feature you gave bots. Just replicate the Drops multiplayer for the riders close to the Yellow Beacon.
Thanks for supporting Group Ride Leaders.