New "Recycle" Fence feature

I’ve been in a few groups rides lately, and on more than half of them the messages during the ride were just the ride leader admonishing everyone to group up. Sometimes just the way the ride leader treats the group causes folks to … go right through the fence.

I propose that a new fence type, the “Recycle” fence, be implemented where if one hits the fence ahead of the ride leader, one finds themselves transported immediately a fence-distance TO THE BACK of the ride leader. They could ride through the group, hit the fence, and pop to the back of the line again. And again. Everyone could be happy. The ride leader will have people remaining between the “back fence” distance and the front fence. Riders who want to ride fast can do so. People could ride as fast as they’d like, but remain with the group.

Just kick the non-compliant riders. Far easier and more appropriate than encouraging fast riders to continuously interrupt and influence a group ride. Flyers have no place in group rides.


The idea is nice but would have bad reprocutions with gps plots and timings etc. also I highly doubt zwift could pull it off. alternatively just have zero draft effect infront of the ride leader. no one will be able to ride away solo from the blob and the ride leader could happily tap out the advertised w/kg without constanly having to modulate, also have this functionallity with existing power up so with abit of luck they cobble it togeather.


Yeah – Strava would go freaking ballistic.

My proposal would be to optionally treat fence violators with the anti-sandbagger code already implemented (give riders a power penalty). Then that D ride becomes C-level for them. Then B. Then A… Easy-peasy.

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I had a similar idea. If you go through the fence you get more of a headwind. The further from the fence you get the higher the headwind.