Are we likely to see the Fence back at the end of this month. Last I heard the Fence was been tested on some events but I haven’t seen it at all.
So has it been tested?
Can we have it back soon?

It was being tested and still didn’t work the last I heard.

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Thanks, we can but hope.

I dont really think its needed

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Hope is always needed.


I am a ride leader on a 1.5 to 1.7 ride for new riders and when you see riders doing 2.5 pulling riders with them then some rides do need the Fence. I agree some events are more enjoyable if you let riders form their own groups.


Zwift is not interested in fixing the fence, it is an apparently low priority item for them. I wish they had even the slightest inkling of how disruptive the lack of a fence is to new member group rides.


Booting this back up. A group ride should be supported by the riders. Those who don’t need to have a fence. Simple as that. Vote.