Ride Report for Ride Leader

(F J. RaceWBR) #1

Hi Guys,

as leader, we need to have some metrics about the group rides we lead

  • how many registered?

  • how many joined?

  • DNF?

  • if a leaderboard is included in the ride, send a copy

  • sprints leaderboard as well (general sprint leaderboard or sprint by sprint)

  • usual metrics about the ride - avg pace / avg speed / etc.

It should be automatically sent to the Ride Leader once the event has completed, this could be of a great use to understand / improve our lead & the riders reaction (if any).

one more thing : maybe a list of all the chats during the event to understand some flow between riders & interaction with the leader. (on a time line)

Thanks for your follow up & help!




(Brandon Amos) #2

Why do you need these stats?

Surely the leader board should be made available to all riders for end of ride review and not just the leader?

(F J. RaceWBR) #3

Thanks Brandon,

Got an email from Charlie about this.

Thanks for your follow up.


(. MRBaldi Coaching T-ZHR) #4

Only a ride leader or organiser would understand - all of this data can be obtained on Zwift, ZwiftPower and Strava but it’s a lot of work and we do it voluntarily. So, anything that makes it easier gets my vote!

(F J. RaceWBR) #5

Thanks Robert!

indeed, this is related to our leader role indeed. 

as Robert mentioned it, we have to struggle all around to gather information that Zwift could just send us pretty easily… just a very basic email, with the relevant stats & we’re all set.


(well at least for me)

(Steve Clogg (LEAD)) #6

Great idea, got my vote.

(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #7

Brandon: for group rides as ride leader I want to see how far in front etc some may have finished, but not do a ‘leaderboard’ since I don’t want to encourage those fliers to ‘win’ my group ride by ignoring the ride instructions. 

Totally agree w/ original post…learning about what happened to riders on our ride would be very helpful. I started a 50 mile ride with 190-ish riders, clearly a much smaller group finished…not surprised but would like to know: did we drop a ton of people or did they just end their ride earlier? Did a lot of people ride off the front for the whole ride or only a few occasionally? Etc.