Unknown leaderboard

Hi all, new to Zwift so sorry if this is a stupid question. This leaderboard appeared after my Cat D group ride last night. Anybody know what it’s for? I wasn’t first to finish so just wondering. Thanks, Chris

Hi @Chris_Brown17

Welcome to the forum.

That was a timed event (ie. 90 min) so the results are in random order.

The reason why leaders set it up like that is so that while you ride they can tell you what position they are and you can see if you are ahead or behind.


Take the win, Chris! Don’t ask questions, just take it! :smiley:


Hi Chris, i’m the organizer of VirtuSlo events.

We are using Leaderboard during Group Rides to show your or Leaders PLACE in the group.
As @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ already explained it’s a time based rider (90mins) and the order of finish is Random.

Hope to see you back next week!


Thanks for the information guys. I’ll definitely be taking this as a win though!!