Event Results on ZwiftPower odd/incomplete?

Now that group events like Tour of Wattopia are on zwiftpower with leaderboards it has been fun to add some spice to this group rides. However I have noticed that a number of people don’t showup on the leaderboards after event and results are odd? ‘B’ category : event 3639661 (wouldn’t allow link?)

Like noticed last night I was in a strong group with no one up the road, but it said on Zwift the whole time that when on the front I was 2nd… figured it was a glitch, because it didn’t have a gap time of who was up the road. Then someone did get up the road on the volcano climb and zipped away putting a good >30sec on our group (I was pushing hard behind (@280-350w), eventually the group broke on climb/flats after and I was in 2nd… finished. Looked at zpower to see some numbers, it said I won?! Why would that rider not have gotten 1st? DQ? Out of category (he was maybe A rider in a B event?)? He must have been doing a good bit higher then my power on that climb… so would make sense (I’m ~4w/kg FTP but level B). Maybe they dropped into event late so DQ? Or he didn’t have proper profile info or HRM ? Or does someone have to be a member of zwiftpower to be in leaderboard?

I don’t feel good about saying I was in first… being I was dropped bad… lol

I can’t find any info on their website for how the results are finalized.

This… not everyone is on Zwiftpower


The rider may not be a ZwiftPower user. There’s no such thing as out of category in a group ride. That only applies to races.


thanks guys with how integrated ZP and Zwift seem I was thinking they were the same, and just needed to have login for viewing details of your ride and life stats etc. Wasn’t sure how that worked.

boo - so really looking at that after the fact to see how you did is kind of a moo point. dumb how the screenshot of the finish line banner DOESN’T have the leaderboard. I know they are not races and many of the people (even if in a lead group or 2nd group etc) are just riding casual but like the pack vibe and free draft… but fun to mix it up a bit on these like a hard ‘competitive’ group ride (drop ride…) :slight_smile: