Group count missing on group rides

For the last month when I do group rides the group count and my standings in the group are missing? I use to see as a participant the group count and where I am in the group. Is this controlled by ride coordinator or a local setting I can change?

The event host can choose to switch it on or off. The merit of the ride position is the ability to help leaders gauge the event pace and manage the group density depending on the stretch, if any.

However the downside is it encourages racing whenever there is ranking. As much as we want to believe Zwifters are a decent and civilised bunch, there will always be douche who think their monthly subs entitle them to behave in an entitled manner in group events (non-racing).


Pretty much what @Patrick_AsC-Primarch has said, but this depends on whether the “showplacements” tag is included in the ride or not.

Where would I see that? In the event posting in Zwift companion app? If so where? Thanks for that tip.

As with many things there is both good and bad.
Not sure why it would matter to anyone in the main group if some people within the group want to go fast. Small breakaway groups that want to push harder because of training goals or just stronger riders that want to join. The issue to me is if someone got mouthy or put others down. Then they should be band.
I find it nice to know where I am compared to the yellow beacon or the red bus if that is how my day is going.
I noticed when it is off so is Sprint position which is fun to do sometimes and see how I am doing.
I also like to see how many rides are doing the ride. I cannot see that without that turn on.

Thanks much for the info.

You can see that in the event list at Events which show some event details you cannot see in the companion app.