Cap leader w/kg on group rides

Im getting a bit fed up on some group rides recently which have been advertised as 1.9-2.2 w/kg and an average 2.0w/kg only to find out that the leader and the rest of the main group were somewhere between 2.3-2.6w/kg at the finish. Ice tried to keep up a decent tempo ride only to be dropped on the first hill as the group start going 3-4w/kg on the way up. Yet I’m not the only one. Recently I’ve been in events where over half the riders were dropped from the group.

I’d like to propose a feature that the leaders power is capped at the maximum advertised for a ride beyond a threshold of a few seconds - effectively a ride leader power fence. That means riders wanting a recovery or tempo ride or weaker riders know they can keep up when they select an event.

I doubt zwift will do that but i do get your frustration.

Have you tried the pace bots might be more your thing. Or try our some more group rides as they are a right mixture in quality. We only have one ride with rhinos on Wednesday (1.5/1.7) could be a bit slow but i’m sure the likes of Pack, Banditz, herd, wcc might be better at sticking to pace could be worth a go

Cryo-Gen are very good at keeping to the advertised pace and have rides Monday to Friday at 11:00 am GMT

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An accurate description of what to expect in ride helps, I leave no doubt of what to expect in one of my rides. I always aim to finish roughly in the middle of the parameters.
The problem I have is people don’t bother to read the ride description.

Be mindful when doing that, you can finish in the range but still blow people out of the group if you go super slow on the flats and hammer the climbs.

I would say aim to always stay in the range and on the climbs lean towards the lower end. Also if you are a heavier rider keep to the lower end of the range.

Not pointing fingers at you I assume you lead good rides, just pointing out if someone miss understand your statement.

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Or they do read it, but just don’t give a ■■■■. Cue someone like me saying “Well after 10 minutes riding with the leader I’ve averaged 165 watts at 72kg so I’m bang on the advertised pace. Maybe if you drop 300 or so places and come ride with us rather than burning your front tyre against the fence you’ll have a better experience. Or you could even sweep.”