Group Rides staying on pace

I have been a leader on Zwift since 2015 and one of the biggest complaints is that many Zwift group rides do not stay on pace. So I’ve finally decided to do a survey, by taking part in as many events as possible and posting the results. You can help, simply tell me which ride you’d like me to assess.
I’m not allowed to post links, so simply type: Derek Boocock into YouTube.

First review was ZHCC Sub 2.0 ride on the Balogna beast.

I think an assessment of rides with a stated pace is a great idea however, it is going to be a difficult assessment to make. Due to the way rides get stated in Zwift events as having an average power the pace and change of pace are at the discretion of the ride leader. I have been on 2.5 w/kg average rides and have seen the ride leader go from a 1.0 to a 4.0 sustained w/kg yet, looking on Zwift Power later see the leader averaged about 2.5. As a ride leader (Slowtwitchindoors Hilly Vanilli Chase D group, Thursdays) I try to state my intentions for the group pace every ride. My intentions are, maintain 2.5 w/kg or as close as possible for the entire ride. On some climbs output may increase to 2.7 - 2.8 but I will make every attempt to keep power <3.0 w/kg.
The group I lead is the best ever. We have developed a great teamwork attitude and ethic. I have had the fence again for the past few weeks and have yet to use it.
I think a leader who plainly states their intent, and sticks to it long enough, can get a group to work together and stay within the stated parameters.
Since I am always looking for feedback please feel free to ride with us on Thursday (1755 CDT, 1855 EDT) if you can. (I will lead the ride 09/03/2020 but will be out for the 4 weeks following that).
You can drop in without telling me so I don’t try to show off.

I will certainly put the ride on my list. As far as best groups go, I cannot comment being a long term ride leader myself. However, the ZHCC ride I reviewed (see the YouTube channel) was a great bit of leading and I expect to find a few more… :slight_smile:

I rode with the DIRT Monday morning blues ride today, lead by Chris White [DIRT] and he did a great job staying within the parameters.

Ride leaders should ALWAYS state their own weight. It should be in the description already. That’s rare still but it’s a mark of quality.

I’ll put this on my list too. In the meantime, my second review was the ZZRC Sub 2.0 ride, now posted online. @Andreas_Traff, I mention how important leader weight is in the video.

That is why we use a range for pace, so Heavy ride leaders will stick to the bottom of the range. That help so that all riders are within range.

It’s an important point, lighter riders sometimes go flying off the back!