EF Group Ride....Cat C?! I think not

Hi everyone,

Just did the EF group ride with Magnus Cort.
Advertised as a C at 2.3-2.5w/kg.
Perfect…or so I thought!

I was dropped like a stone within 3 minutes, and I was pushing 3w/kg. Ended up 5 minutes behind in a small group, final average for me of 2.7.

I have no problem if they want a faster ride - make it clear in the description. Please don’t advertise it at one pace, then ride it completely differently. It’s demotivating and makes the estimated category and w/kg pointless.

Anyone else have the same experience?
Magnus was the leader and seemed to be of the opinion, you’re riding with a pro, try to keep up. It’s as if he wasn’t informed of the advertised pace…or else the ride was incorrectly labelled. Either way it was frustrating as it seems like such a simple thing to get right.

I have seen the same.

Unfortunately, I think that’s the nature of the beast as I don’t believe it’s regulated by Zwift today. As far as I know (I’ve never been a ride leader), the leader sets the pace, it’s likely in this case, he set it wrong (knowingly or otherwise).

While I’ve not been in a ton of group rides in my relatively new Zwift experience, there will always be “flyers” that do not stick to the advertised pace. The “fence” should stop that when it’s working again (provided the leader isn’t one of the flyers) as flyers are supposed to be booted from the group if they cross the fence and don’t come back.

I believe races are the same way based on what I’ve seen in category leaderboards.