Ranking points on group rides

Did a group ride yesterday. Entered the Cat C (2.5 - 3wkg). I am a Cat B but legs were fried from TdZ long ride and the wkg range was fine so all good, right!

Turns out I got ranking points, as did others. So looks like it was configured as a race.

Did a bit of a looksie on ZP and Zwifthacks and it turns out a few non-race events with different organisers allow ranking points. Doesnt really effect me as I rarely get points these days but I did spot an A+ rider that made the top 100 ranking points through group ride points, and I am sure some people care about these things.

Luckily its far from the norm so probably not really affecting the overall integrity of ranking system.

That event is configured as a road race on Zwiftpower.

You are better off contacting the event organiser for clarification.

Yes, realise that, but Zwift probably shouldnt let a bunch of organisers do it for non-races as it falsely allows people to game the ranking system, if that was actually a thing (and I am not sure it is hence the post).

No, I don’t think it is.

I’ll reach out.

I’ve figured this one out - For some reason it was set up as a race at our end, even though it really is a group ride.

Ranking points will no longer be issued on this event.

I grabbed about 5 other organisers that do it repeatedly as well … I’ll put together in a DM for you James. Cheers

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Rather belatedly saying these are done! All config issues at our end!