Races that dont give ranking points

Hi All
Relative zwift newbie here. Ive noticed that a few races ive done dont offer any zwift ranking points. Is there a way to see that in the event list before doing a race, or does a certain criteria kick in to stop ranking points eg not enough riders?
I understand that social rides, fun eventa etc dont offer ranking points but if race is in the title i expect them to be offered.


The criteria which affected two of your recent races where no points were awarded is that there must be more than 3 ZwiftPower registered riders in the race, and therefore in the ZP results, in your category.

I’m not sure whether you view the individual race results or only look at your own summary. One feature of ZP is that if you have a poor race and your position would have given you Race Ranking points of more than 600 this figure is not shown in your ‘Results’ column.

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Thanks Ian. That makes sense. Bit annoying when people pull out of races in the middle of them then!

Yes Neil, pulling out of races and how that affects Race Ranking points for everyone has been discussed on this forum, probably several times.

Handling non-finishers sensibly and fairly still has no agreed solution as far as I’m aware, but happy for others to correct me as it is something I believe should be properly covered within a good Race Ranking system.

Ian. I view the ZP results as well as the results in companion. So what you are saying for when everyone is thrown into Cat D or Cat E - eg a time trial or another reason then it still requires 3 ZP registered riders from my Cat B category?

As far as I’m aware if you are in an E race, open to all, then no you don’t need three Cat B riders as the Race Ranking system uses all the racers in that one single race.
Others on the forum May be able to add further information on other race formats.

I honestly wouldn’t get too cut up on ranking points as they’re fairly worthless in current format.

Just race hard and have fun is more important.

But if you really wanna chase them, you need to pick the most populated events & place well at the end.

Being >100kg also helps huehue (if u got the power to back it up)