Zwift Power segments-points

I have recently taken part in many races and ridden on many segments but I only have 3 showing up in the ZPoints category and I have surely done at least 10 so their should be loads to give me points for the top 6 Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 10.11.27|690x104
. Ex. My dad has 20 . Ex. I have done Alpe in a race

and it doesn’t even have my time in the Segments ranking!

This week I have has a 1st and 7th place finish and neither yielded any points ? Surely the first place race should have dropped my points down by 250 but it’s not included it. Any thoughts ?


zpoints or ranking points?

Ranking points are dependant on the field of races so just because you win a race if there is no decent competition in the race you won’t lower your ranking points.

Hi Gordon, thanks for replying. Its individual ranking points. There were initially no points for a 7th or a first place finish in two races. Then last night both popped up with points elevating me in the ranks. This morning one has points but the other does not so back down I go. So it’s on and off. Took a while to appear then only retained one. It also shows my last race as being the one 3 races back. I have contacted admin who are looking into it. Interesting point on the competition, i wasn’t aware of that. Presumably you have to check the ranking points of the participants to gauge whether or not its a points yielder ? But how low is low enough ?

and what if you have an A cat rider in a D cat race. They are steep competition and will also get DQ’d but does the fact they are there enhance the prospect of points ?

this should help a bit,

i’m not 100% sure on this but i think so, assuming their ranking is actually good, because the race rank is independent of category. an A rider with a race rank of 400pts is worth the same as a D rider with a rank of 400pts, for example. it definitely works the other way around, where you can gain a lot of points by racing up a category. DQ’ed riders do still contribute to the race ranking total, too.