Race Points

Hiya I have the same Zwift racing points now the 2-3 races now and not updating but the race ranking it. Is this right?

probably right depends if you are doing better that previous best 5 efforts. The race point system is pretty confusing on how it works so without spending quite a bit of time comparing results it’s not obvious whether you should have increase ranking or not.

So ranking points are better then

Are you referring to the racing score? Because that’s only affected by the events in the ZRacing monthly series currently. It’s not fully developed yet. Personally I pay much more attention to the points and ranking on zwiftracing.app since it works better.

Oh I didn’t know that thought it was on all racing

Details are in this post:

My understanding is that the new Racing Score looks at your finish position in ZRacing monthly events against all riders, including riders not registered at Zwiftpower, while your Zwiftpower Race Ranking is only looking at Zwiftpower registered riders.

yep that’s correct but the systems are somewhat similar. Race score best 5 races and zwiftpower i think is best 3 then score is reversed.

Race score 0 - 1000
ZP ranking 600 - 0

But use the same logic of sorts but it’s rather confusing to understand.

To confirm, Racing Score is currently only generated from the Monthly Racing events that we run.

It uses the USAC scoring system and there’s some info on that here: How ZwiftPower Calculates Rider Rankings | Zwift Insider (but as Gordon says, the scores are inverted)