Zwift Racing Score doesn't change

I’ve done all 5 races from ‘Race The Worlds’ and my zwift racing score is still 599.23. It has been since race 1 and has not changed after race 5. Any ideas why?

Did your ZwiftPower Race Ranking go down during that same period? Do the events show gains? They may not track perfectly but I would expect some correlation since the last info we heard was that they function similarly. Keep in mind that race ranking is not a fully baked feature and will probably (hopefully) be significantly changed before it’s really rolled out. I wouldn’t pay much attention to it until the next time they update it.

What is going on with racing score? Was announced with much fanfare, and then nothing. @xflintx what’s the story?

I think they jumped the gun a bit here as they really shouldn’t have released it if its a case of not paying much attention to it when fundamentally its a huge thing in terms of racing and maybe fairer racing, look at the discussion (take that as moaning) that was made when it was released, you had people who’s score was 700 in D whilst some B riders were 500 etc based on results

I doubt they anticipated how much negative feedback they would get about the design. Under the circumstances, going back to the drawing board would be the right thing to do. Hopefully version 2 will address some of the concerns but I imagine there will be another epic forum thread when the next iteration is unveiled. Since I rarely do the Zwift monthly series events, it’s especially meaningless to me, and it can’t really function until it applies to all races. It’s a proof-of-concept that failed the first test and needs reworking.

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Yes don’t disagree @Paul_Southworth .
The pessimist in me now wonders whether we won’t see anything meaningful here until early 2024, as they won’t change anything fundamental with the new Zwift season about to start. Even more pessimistically, not until the 23/24 Zwift season has finished and it’s another year!

On that note, has there been any fundamental development that will change / improve Zwift racing for the 23/24 colder months? I don’t think so, and that is very disappointing.

then again look at how CE was implemented and received when all that was asked for was pen enforcement to stop high cat racers entering lower cats and destroying the race, it’s almost like the community asks for X but Zwift deliver Y so it any surprise it was received negatively when the zwiftracing app does all of what they are trying to do

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There was the improvement to A cat as it was too wide of a spread of FTPs\zFTP\performance indicator and making it unbalanced…
You know it might have had some small knock effect on the lower categories and the number of racers attending in A but you cant win them all, can you?

We’re working on significant changes to the scoring mechanism right now based on feedback as well as how we saw the scores play out when people started actually using it compared to looking at past results.

You can expect some news in the fall season, I promise.


Appreciate the reply, sounds promising!