Allocation of race points

I’ve recently started to get into the racing after enjoying zwift for general training for a couple of years and I’m at level 30

So I’m hoping someone can explain why I haven’t been allocated any points in my recent racers when others either side of me have. I did this weeks masters and hare n hounds events (5th in cat)

I have however received points for a hare n hounds I did 2 years ago and don’t believe I have done anything differently so any help would be much appreciated.

I have a zwift power account and linked it to strava and I’ve read the racing faq but are non the wiser :face_with_monocle:

Hi Andrew,

I assume you are refering to the Zwift Power rankings. Zwift power is a 3rd party app to Zwift, so your questions will be better answerd on their forum

Sticky is very responsive.

Thanks very much for the quick response and help. I’ll follow up with zwift power forum


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This does beg the question why there isn’t a points-based category qualification system in Zwift itself (see also this feature request: Formal Race Category System). Seems to me this would be better reflection of real-life racing world, and help self-police people’s drive to push up the race categories rather than relying on sort-of-policing via a third party (ZP)?


Exactly. I’m still offically a “B” grade racer on zwift, but I’m comfortably mixing it with A grade because I’m actually an A grade rider. It just happens that the events I do don’t reflect this in the way Zwiftpower calculates min Category. I could easily stay in B grade, sandbagging along and getting good results (this is exactly what most of the top finishing B graders do!).

Make points part of the min cat calculations Zwift! I am so glad I’m not a poor D and C grader, especially light weight riders. Even going up mountains as a lightweight is zero benefit when a 100kg rider is putting out the same w/kg, only to be smashed by them on any rolling terrain.