Feeling left out!

I’m struggling to find any Group rides I can participate in!
I’m relatively new to Zwift (6 months) Cat A rider but am not really interested in racing. Any suggestions or help on where to find events would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Tony_Applewhite

There is so many great group rides.

What time zone and time do you normally ride. This is the first place to start.

Hi Gerrie,
I’m UK based and yes there’s plenty of group rides but none I’ve found nothing whatsoever for Cat A, they appear to be are mostly C & D cat and a few B

You could ride with a Pace Partner.

So destined to continue to be just me and Anquetil :frowning_face:

you never ride less than 4 w/kg? are you a pro or something?


There is not many A group rides as that will be more like a race.

If you are a A cat rider then B and some C group rides will be endurance and recovery pace.

Look at his website to fide a ride. Events

Anquetil is Zone 2 for me, can follow comfortably at 3.6w/kg
I’m far from Pro! I’m 52 love Ale and overweight :rofl:

That’s my go to spot :+1:
I’ll just accept the platforms limitations and Ride On :biking_man:

You are at the top of the performance profile. Not many people there.

You can create meetups with friends that is always fun, that is how I do most of my training.

You may want to check your setup then, sounds like you are getting incorrect readings for power. What trainer are you using?


You may be misunderstanding the classification. You are cat A for races, but for a group ride, the letter just indicates the typical pace that the leader (if any) and riders will expect. I’m also Cat A/B but do group rides at C level when I feel like a steady/easier ride. So long as you’re not being a ■■■■ and riding really hard at the front of a group ride that’s supposed to be easy, you can join in whatever you want. Also, some rides use the A/B/C etc in a different way to denote the different duration etc, so always glance at the description.




What is your setup? Something seems off here.

Here is the power profile of a verified pro on Zwift

@Tony_Applewhite, I’m sorry but there is something not right here. You are producing world class power…


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well u failed at point 1 so not sure why ur lecturing others :smiley:


I really don’t think I was being rude, just attempting to be helpful.

Entering races using poorly calibrated trainers/power meters, and unreliable trainers with speed sensors and not proper power meters can be considered cheating. If you know you may have questionable numbers, the right thing to do is find out for sure and not enter races until it is resolved. If you don’t plan on racing, just follow the pace of the events if they are trying to stay within a certain power band as James said above.


Let’s keep this positive and helpful.


Can you post a complete rundown of your setup so maybe we can assist you?

Something seems off about your setup/power.

BTW, everyone on the thread is just trying to help/understand.