Zwift group rides


   Here is the question.  When you see a Sub 2.0 ride advertised as between 1.7 to 1.9 is that the maximum pace of the ride or is that the average??

    If it’s the average, then I’m thinking the group is riding at 2.0 or higher.  So, when I join a group ride that is Sub 2.0 should I expect to produce more watts to stay at an average of 1.7 to 1.9 or is 1.7 to 1.9 suppose to be the group maximum pace.  

    I joined a Sub 2.0 this morning (Group D) normally that is within my ability (I"m a rookie rider) but can maintain a 1.7 to 1.9 pace, which was what this ride was advertised as.  But, the pace was quicker than that, so I"m thinking maybe it’s an average rather than a maximum pace. 




This is a hard question to answer.

Every ride is a bit different, most rides that I have done averaged the set pace.

You can use the table below to calculate your w/kg for every zone that way you will know if you can hold the pace for a hour.

Lets assume you weigh 70kg and your FTP is 180w.  so for a Z2 ride

A good group ride will be one that is Zone 2 and a Z3 will be hard and Z4 will be pushing your limits as if you do a FTP test for a hour.


that is fantastic, thanks, I am definitely keeping that formula and chart, really appreciate that, have a great weekend!

I joined a group ride (my first), that said it was a one hour 2.0w/kg recovery ride.  Right out of the gates, 3/4th of the group blew the leader away & we played “catch up” for the first 5 miles (@3+w/kg), once we got together we stayed together for another 5 or so but still at a steady 2.5-3 pace.  Then we hit a hill.  Now I don’t know exactly what the rest of the group was doing, but up that hill I maintained AT LEAST 2.0, most of the time 2.5, and for a couple stretches over 3 for the majority of the hill & I got dropped huge (3 minutes behind the last guy of the group, who was only a handful back from the beacon-rider!)  The last five miles of the ride I pushed 2.5-3+ to catch back up to the pack & barely gained any time back before it finished.

I had fun for a while, while we were all together there in the middle.  However, I guess I was disappointed overall in the fact that I really was trying for an actual “recovery” ride that day & the stated @2.0w/kg would’ve be perfect.  As it was, pushing 2.5-3.5 for an hour ending up just being another workout, that I would’ve rather done a different day in my schedule.  Not awful, just not what was expected based on the description.  Kindof to Chip’s point.  Maybe I misunderstood, but maybe the title gave a poor description (or different perspective) of the actual intent.  Is there a way to click on a ride to see more of the intent/detail without automatically joining you to the ride?

@ Chip: if you update you last post with your FTP and weight I will Update the cart and replace it with you values. :wink:


@ Jeff: when you say we played catch-up was it you and the leader? The leader should always stat at the prescribed pace, so if you stick with him/her you should be fine.

Yes Jeff if you open the Zwift Companion app (available in android and apple store) you can see a lot more detail and you can join (enroll) the even from the app.

On Pc you can go to the following places to get more information:


 Thanks…for the offer, but that formula is great to use, I really appreciate it.