Can't keep up on Sub 2W/Kg Ride.

Here is my Facebook group post after my ride last night.

ZZRC Sub 2w/kg on 2017/02/22

I was on the Sub 2 ride using a power meter tonight.I averaged 2.24 W/Kg and 35.9 Kph, I could not keep up. Sometimes I was riding next to someone and they would vanish and be 6 seconds up the road.

We were told by the group leader to stay at 22 mph but I still could not keep up doing what I was doing.

Sub 2 w’kg rides can be tough with riders different abilities. Especially, as riders warm up they start to surge a bit faster. Rides normally begin a bit faster then recommended watts I believe due to anxiousness and excitement. As a ride leader they can only suggest the wattage and hope the riders play to the rules. 

On, a ride I administer our warm up lap is at 2wkg and it often is between 2.3-2.5 on large excitable group nights. If that makes sense. Our next lap is 2.5 wkg and everyone is normally spot on at that wattage and there is little to no corralling of the riders. 

Only thing I can suggest is stay vigilant and do not loose the draft. The easiest spots to sit in the group is close to the front and middle. Accelerate a bit more before the hill to avoid the surges of riders being too aggressive on the climbs.

Hope that helps!

Ride On

Just a thought, what kind of bike have you chosen on Zwift? A TT bike doesn’t draft, so that would make a group ride much tougher.

Did the sub 2 again last night and got on much better. Started out fast, waited for group to catch up and then enjoyed the ride. Zwift carbon bike i think. Averaged 2.36w/kg.