group ride placement map

i have participated in several group rides and find it difficult to follow location.  it would be a nice to have “join group ride” as a feature when you login. this would allow the leader to be designated (yellow dot - explained shortly).   when the ride starts, a dot race map would be displayed in upper right part of the screen.  the ride leader would be designated (maybe yellow), i would be shown (maybe red) and others would be shown in grey.  this would allow you could quickly see all riders, your placement, and location of ride leader.   it would resemble a “dot race” but would allow quick assessment of ones location.  too often, the chat window is constantly asking “where is group leader”.   i feel this added feature would allow for a little more enjoyable experience when participating in group rides.  i find it a little hard to follow on current leaderboard during group rides.  hope this suggestion is understandable.   keep up the amazing work Zwift!!   “Ride On!”