Improved ride leader locator

Yesterday I rode a 60 minutes social ride that used the event module and it was a SUB2 ride with more than 100 riders. But yesterday, like so many times before, the group got split up early on with many riders going ahead of the ride leader. Zwift have made it easy to locate the ride leader with the yellow arrow (or yellow beam if your’e far away from the leader). The yellow nameplate for the ride leader and the little yellow arrow by the list of “Riders Nearby”. But even with this great function, people have a hard time locating the ride leader and write in the group chat: “Where’s the ride leader?”. I think the main problem is that many riders end up in front of the leader, and if they don’t change their view so they look backwards they won’t see the ride leader.


My suggestion is that the ride leader should always be on the “Riders Nearby” list. If you’re 30 seconds ahead, the leader will be at the bottom of the list with the little arrow and how many seconds you are ahead. Vice versa, if you’re 30 seconds behind, the leader would be at the top of the list with the yellow arrow and how many seconds the leader is ahead of you.


This would make it easy for everyone to know where they are in relation to the ride leader.


Ride on!

Great idea!

Good idea indeed!
Or having the time or distance between you and the leader on the top of the screen in a nice yellow box becoming red if a threshold distance or time is met.

If you have a good ride leader, this wouldn’t be needed - if riders want to go off the front, there’s nothing that can be done about it; however, informing riders, especially after a climb, that they are 10 seconds ahead and asking them to ease up, making sure that the leader doesn’t chase, etc.

I led a social ride around the London Loop and, despite going over Box Hill, only a couple of riders were10s ahead. It can be done!

Great idea - I would find it very useful

In a big group it’s pretty difficult to keep track of the ride leader unless they are very nearby or way ahead 

Those going off the front would be immediately and continually aware of the fact that they are stretching / breaking up the group - hopefully they would ease up accordingly - and well before the ride leader issues the slow down message or two or three…

I don’t think this has much to do with good or bad ride leaders - it is more about individual riders having better real-time details about where they are in relation to the ride leader and therefore encourage a bit of individual responsibility for keeping the group together - I would think most ride leaders would be happy to reduce the number of slow down messages they have to issue - anything to simplify their job the better

I think this is a great idea. I was in a ride this week where the ride leader lost connection intermittently and, when he came back, no-one had any idea where he was. In larger group rides, I’ve “lost” the leader briefly when there has been a big group around him (and I’m an obedient group rider!). It would be great to know where the leader is at all times in the ride.

I was just going to make this suggestion myself.  Don’t let the ride leader go above the top or below the bottom of the riders list.

I totally agree, Jerry.

Hey  MRBaldi Coaching ZHR !   You are only correct if the group is small enough !  In a very very large group, I have had you riding almost right behind me, but you are not on the riders list.  And of course I can’t see you behind me without changing the view back and forth. It’s hard to judge how much to slow down (if at all) if I don’t know where you are and how hard you are pushing !

Definitely much needed. There just needs an indication when they drop off the bottom/top as to how far ahead the ride leader is

This would be a great addon to the eventmodule especially i big group with hundred of riders the rideleader easily disapears.

Sounds like a great idea.

I did my first group ride today and somehow lost the pack. I would have liked to have tried to rejoin the group but had no idea whether I was in front or behind. I still don’t know whether I finished ahead of or behind the group.

I did not find the UI at all intuitive in helping to identify where I was in relation to the rest of the pack and more importantly the group leader.  It seems to me that Zwift definitely needs some visuals to indicate your relative location to the group leader (either in terms of time or distance).  Seems like a ‘no brainer’.

This came up today in the Ellen Watters Memorial Ride: 400+ riders and it was very difficult to know where the leader was. The leader had to resort to messaging the group with messages like “Leader at 25.5 km”. Having a HUD that indicated the current pace of the leader and delta time would be great.

Great idea, I did my first group ride today and the group was quite big as well. I didn’t want to switch view back and forth and chose the “regular view” as if you were riding outdoor. Sometimes, when I was ahead of the leader, I could see the distance of the leader behind me - which was great; I just had to slow down a bit to stay close to the leader. However, when the leader was ahead of me in a big pack, distance from the leader was not displayed at all and I had no idea if I was far away or not.

On top of your suggestions, I would like to always see the distance between myself and the leader, regardless the leader is ahead or behind me. This helps a lot to keep the right pace in a big pack.

Great idea. It has happened to me that I have been distracted and lost track of whether the ride leader was ahead of me or behind. Yesterday, I rode a SUB2 and lost track of the leader. I assumed they were ahead of me because I could see a big bunch of the same jerseys ahead of me, so I took off after them. At the point I caught them, we were on one of the London out-and-backs. I then saw the leader beam with a trailing pack of riders on the other side of the boulevard about 1K behind me. I slowed, then stopped; but then gave up waiting and went off on my own. My point is that the frustration of losing the leader isn’t just because of an undisciplined breakaway.

Just put the ride leader at the top or bottom of my riders list depending on whether they are ahead or behind me.  Include the normal stuff (time difference, w/kg, current mileage).  Highlighted in yellow as usual.