Additional Simple UI for Group ride

One of the most exciting thing of joining Zwift is “group ride.” That’s the only reason why I join Zwift. After trying to join Group Rides, below is my suggestion:

  1. There should be an additional dedicated tab on the right hand side (where it shows “rider’s nearby”) to show just the name of the leader of group ride. It’s much like the “rider’s near by”, except it is in the different tab (but same screen panel). So we can always access them easily if we lost the group. User can choose to click which tab they want to stay on the screen during the ride. “Riders near by” is good, but it’s really difficult to find people, especially leader in group ride. Same with the app, you have to scroll to find the leader’s name. It’s really hard to ride by scrolling the phone to find their name or trying to click “more rider” button on the screen to find the leader.

In terms in the app, maybe another separate window (additional swipe) to access leader’s name list.

Clicking the name of the leader is easier than clicking some one name in the group. At least with the leader, you know that you are always close in the group. Also, since it’s not going to be a long list, so it’s easier to keep yourself back to the group.

  1. The group leader should also has a highlighted icon on the top ride hand side display where it shows an icon of where we are on the location (the close up one). Maybe a red color dot, so we know where we are our position in relation to the leader. Too fast or Too slow.

Thank you.

Hi Nita, I’m a WSR too and I know what you’re talking about.  

On the app while you ride there is a tab adjacent to the RIDERS NEARBY that is dedicated to RIDERS YOU FOLLOW.  So next time you are starting at WSR ride, just touch  the rider name of the leader and the sweep (Phil and John!) and perhaps a few other WSRs and then FOLLOW (the person icon with the + sigh adjacent to their name at the top.  

Then, while riding, just use the RIDERS YOU FOLLOW tab and you can always see where you are in the group.  Hope this helps.

I agree Nita, however I was thinking that perhaps during the event that has been joined, could Zwift automatically / temporarily add the rider Leaders / Sweepers to your followed riders list so that it’s easier to keep tabs on where you are in comparison to the key riders but without any end user intervention.