Group Rides: Make leader/sweep sticky in rider list

I’ve been a ride leader for about two years now on Zwift and while there will always be flyers, much of my communication work is helping people to visualize their location with respect to the group & me as the leader. Once we get more ~40 riders this becomes harder because the yellow (lead) or red (sweep) rider only shows in the list of riders on the right side if you are near enough to them.

I propose that the leader and sweep would be sticky so that they always show in the list. In this way the seconds of duration ahead or behind would be more clear to others. In this way, I can basically tell people if they start to see me (name in yellow) at the bottom of the rider list pay attention to the time gap.

Good idea. I will add put the Ride leader at the top if you are behind and at the bottom if you are in front.

ie. The ride leader is always on the list he/she can’t move out of the screen top or bottom.

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in events with a ride leader please lock the leader in the middle of the riders list so he is allways visible and easy to see how far infront or behind one is from him