Sticky Ride Leader in 'Riders Nearby' for group rides

In group rides, it would be useful to easily be able to see if- and how far ahead or behind of you the ride leader is.

While the yellow marker ahead and distance marker behind are useful, sometimes you get to far away from the leader (e.g. sprint & regroup).

It would therefore be useful for the ride lear to be ‘sticky’ and always be visible in the riders nearby list. I like the live position as it is now, but when the team leader is far ahead (and currently not visible on the listing), it would be beneficial to have him/her at the top of the listing with a second row “…” indicating that the rider is ahead of you and that there are also other riders between the riders listed and the ride leader.


Thanks for the feedback Victor.  You’ll be pleased to hear we’ve got a few good improvements for events coming, and one of the improvements will allow us to do exactly what you’ve described.  I agree this sounds pretty useful, so expect this to most likely be in by this Spring.

Thanks again.

Sounds great, Jon. As both a ride participant and ride leader, I know that will be helpful! Bizarre when some riders don’t know they are 30 seconds off the front, but if they get too far in front they lose all info so maybe some of them really don’t know.

Would suggest putting ride leader info in a stable place (fine if they also are listed in nearby riders as they are now)…so you always see 1) how many seconds you are in front or behind ride leader, 2) how many meters you are in front or behind ride leader, 3) ride leader w/kg and probably absolute watts and/or weight, 4) ride leader distance elapsed (though if you have #1 and #2 clearly visible that would be moot.