Sticky Rider in Rider List

(Mitchell Giles - AHDR) #1

Zwift team, I can see being able to support a sticky rider in the rider list would be quite helpful for a couple of reasons

  1. Group Rides.  Sticky ride leader
    -You can see your position relative in time to the group rider
    -You can see their pace (w/kg) to understand pace you need to maintain
  • Rider list can be too small for some group rides to see all
    -For big group rides (guest riders etc) it will help maintain position as the rider list just gets swamped with those in the pack around you (e.g. a Jens ride etc)
  1. Individual.  Sticky rider/riders you select from a list
  • Helps find friends to know where they are on a course relative in time (+or- time)
  • Helps pacing with people you want to ride with informally as rider list can get swamped by other riders who are just out and about and not riding with you

(C oach Paul Ozier) #2

Sticky rider is great idea. Also a bright glowing jersey that a person can select so they can be singled out as the ride leader. With current number of riders, a zillion names above riders on screen, it is impossible sometimes to see where the ride leader is. Did I get dropped? Did I pass them in my attempt to keep up? Something that stands out for the leader would be great.

(Juan Ferres [BRT]) #3

Group rides must be separated from general chat. Friday they tested a singular way to follow your leader: a yellow pillar of light quite gorgeous!