Enhance Stickiness When Riding With Friends and in Pacelines

(Juan Ascoli ZHR(F)) #1

I often ride in pacelines with friends or fellow riders in races and events. It’d be huge if those in my paceline group (moving at similar pace) would remain “stickier” within our group, as opposed to sticking to others. This is especially useful as we move together as a group through slower riders or groups in front of us or when being passed by faster riders or groups. This would better support the concept of “group riding”. If possible, the “sticky” factor would be stronger with friends we follow.

(Jeff Englin) #2

This is a great idea, Juan! & I would like to throw a “2nd” on this brilliant concept.

Related, but not necessarily the same - would be a request to enhance/fix the “drafting” component. When riding in a group, I don’t know how many times (seriously too many to count even in a 20 mile ride), my avatar will be “just” left or right of the rider in front of me & I lose my draft. Regularly, I will be riding in a group of 20+ people, several in front or behind, constantly shifting positions within the virtual peloton, when my avatar will all of a sudden swing out to the left or the right of the group & I’ll get the “Close the Gap” message. ??? WTF. I’ve been riding at a similar pace, with the same people for sometimes several miles & my avatar decides to go ride the curb by myself for a bit. ? Or, somebody passing our group comes splitting up the middle & seemingly shoves my avatar out of our group. — it is different from what Juan is requesting… but would work in coherence with the friends’ version of “sticky bottle” :smiley:

(Juan Ascoli ZHR(F)) #3

Jeff, I’ve had the exact same thing occur many times. A rider immediately next to me “drags me down” and I fall out of a group. Sometimes I notice it occurring and slow down to allow the adjacent rider to move on ahead of me, and then I have to try to spring past them and to the group further ahead… if I’m lucky. I’m sure all these special cases are “sticky” programming for the Zwift developers. :slight_smile: