Sticky drafting

I noticed that my avatar gets stucked behind another rider even though I increase my power I can’t overpass him/her. The problem is worse if the rider in front of me has a Tron bike. Can Zwift solve this issue?

Tron bike is fastest bike in the game. Drafting gives you up to 30% reduction in power required, so in order to overtake, you need to be outputting significantly more power than the rider in front. I get booted to the front all the time and it’s annoying as F as you instantly get launched to the back after taking the wind for a couple of seconds XD

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Because we tend to use our closing speed instead of actual speed to measure our progress as we approach a slower rider, we tend to get a false perspective of being slowed down or getting “stuck” behind them when we catch them and do not go right past them. Group dynamics are at play here. The larger the group, the faster it will travel (all else remaining equal). A group of 2 riders will travel faster than a solo rider. When we catch another rider going a little slower than us, 2 people who had been riding solo are now briefly riding as a group of 2 and are thus traveling faster together as a “group”. Although it can give the false perspective that the faster rider is being slowed down, both riders actually benefit from the interaction. Cheers.


I know what it looks like as I approach and pass a rider. Zwift does give a draft benefit as we approach a rider in front, and then slams on the brakes to get us into the draft of the slower rider.

Screenshot 2021-06-21 080252

See this article on Zwift Insider: Zwift Insider Sticky Draft Investigation

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Interesting info. Thanks for sharing.