Please stop sticking me to slower riders

Riding in a small, tight group, happily drafting. We pass a slower rider and my avatar apparently slams on the brakes to get into the draft of the slower rider, and I lose contact with my group.

This is unrealistic and incredibly annoying. Please stop this.

Zwift - Please fix this!

It has happened to me on both of my last two rides. This morning was particularly annoying. I was working with another rider to catch a group ahead. We were both pulling between 2.7 and 3.2 w/kg when we came upon a group of three riders pulling 1.3-1.5 w/kg. I was less than a meter off the wheel of the rider I was working with, yet I got stuck to one, and then ANOTHER of the slower riders. By the time I broke free, the rider I was working with was long gone.

Why? Please fix.


Bhaltair yes this does happen and it has in Zwift since the beginning of their draft algorithm. It’s better than it used to be though. The trick is anticipate that slower rider coming back through the pack and kick up the watts just a little bit before the rider gets to your front wheel. This will generally keep you from sticking and allow you to pass without any loss in speed.