Permanently add friend to Rider List

This has been asked before, but I think the request may have been misunderstood, so I’m re-asking.

It would be nice to be able to permanently add a favorite rider to your Rider List so you can see how far ahead or behind they are from you. If they are in front, they would go on top, if they are behind they would be at the bottom. It then shows in seconds how far apart you are.

This functionality would NOT make the two of you stay together, it would simply give you a gauge of where they are (seconds in front or behind) and how you can get to them.

It would absolutely have to be disabled for races because I can see how that would be an unfair advantage.

A friend says, “Hey, let’s do the Tour de Zwift group ride together tomorrow!” You say, “Ride on man, that would be fun”. At the start all 1000+ riders blast out of the gate and you lose your friend. The RIder List is only 99 riders and there are 1000+ on the ride. The next 10min you go back and forth between texting them and checking their Fan View to see if they are ahead or behind before just giving up and riding on your own.

Here are the times I could find that it’s been asked. I apologize if this functionality is somehow in there and I don’t know how to use it.

I definitely still support these ideas. Meet Ups cover some of the ground regarding riding with friends, but less so when friends are just free riding together, or are in the same group ride.

I reckon it’d be neat for racing too, with all of your team getting a little beacon.